Truss Spring Deal 07 - Lighteners, Bond Builder, + Foils!

Truss Spring Deal 07 - Lighteners, Bond Builder, + Foils!

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Buy 1 Air.Libre,1 Blanc.Blond, 1 8X Powder

RECEIVE FREE 2 Packs LONG Foils + 2 Deluxe Prime Miracle! 

TRUSS Blanc Blond Lightening Powder with violet pigments, enables fast bleaching and lifts up to 7 shades or more, being suitable for all bleaching, highlighting and global discoloration techniques. Its Dust-free formula does not disperse residue during mixing, preventing powder inhalation. Contains Lanolin, a highly moisturizing emollient ingredient that restores softness, and Collagen, that restores resistance and flexibility. Professional only.

The TRUSS Air Libre Bleaching Powder is recommended for all open air and foil techniques. It will not dry out nor become powdery, providing great consistency for your balayage techniques. The main ingredient is Collagen for elasticy and shine, while a group of special oils such as Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil and Peach Oil, will add moisture and will lower the damaging effects caused by the ammonia. It lifts 5 levels without foil and 7 levels with foil. 

8X Powder Bond Builder for extra protection and better viscosity during coloring and decolorizing services. Its user-friendly one step formula (one scoop), drives the bleach straight to the melanine without affecting the cuticles. It does not delay lifting, is compatible with all developers and has an incredibily low cost per application.