Truss Deal 04 - Blanc Blonde

Truss Deal 04 - Blanc Blonde

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Buy 2 units of Blanc.blond and GET ONE FREE K Recovery 


Blond Lightening Powder

If you want to change the tone of your hair, you need to be sure which products will be used. These precautions should be stepped up when it comes to Bleaching Powder, because a low-quality product may cause irreparable damage to your hair. Ask your professional hairdresser to use Blanc Blond - TRUSS’ Blond Lightening Powder, which will not compromise your hair and render it lifeless and damaged.

Its formula contains blue pigments and is Dust-Free, preventing dust inhalation, because it does not disperse waste during mixing. Furthermore, it is less aggressive and preserves hair health and integrity. In combination with Peroxide, Blanc Blond affords quick bleaching in up to seven shades and is suitable not only for all discoloration techniques, but also for strands, reflections, pickling, and lights. It allows for quick bleaching in a platinum tone.


K Recovery salon treatment is a professional conditioning recovery treatment with multiple uses. The treatment repairs the interior cortex of the hair, while also restoring the exterior of the hair strands. It can be used in conjunction with other TRUSS products to address each client’s specifc needs and create a customized, full-service, in-salon experience.

• Keratin-Collagen Shock
• Reconstructive Blowout
• Protection for Fragile and Sensitive Hair
• Treatment Before and After Decoloration

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