Truss Holiday Deal 9 - Protection

Truss Holiday Deal 9 - Protection

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Buy 1 8x Powder GET ONE FREE Deluxe Prime Spray 


8x Powder

Powder for extra hair protection. Highly recommend for coloring and bleaching processes.

Why 8x Powder eight times more powerful than market leading products in this category?


1.Improves VISCOSITY for easy application.

2.Increases STABILITY during lightening processes (without concerns of puffing/swelling).

3. Improves lifting and supports PRECISE COLOR RESULTS.

4. DECREASES HEATING during foil highlighting.

5. Ultra PROTECTION during bleaching processes.

6. Extra HYDRATION and increased conditioning.


8. Extra SHINE.


Deluxe Prime TRUSS' top selling product is a versatile protein infused spray that restores devitalized, fragile, damaged and chemically treated hair. It detangles the hair leaving it soft and silky. Can be used as a treatment (after the shampoo and before the conditioner), as a leave-in or a pre-blowout lotion.


8x Powder is incredibly easy-to-use - just mix one part of TRUSS 8x Powder to one part of TRUSS Bleaching Powder and two parts of cream developer of your choice. Or you can mix one part directly into any hair color.