Truss Holiday Deal 7 - Fast Repair

Truss Holiday Deal 7 - Fast Repair

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Buy 1 Fast Repair Kit (Bidimensional Shampoo, Lipidic, Intensive Nutrition) and GET TWO FREE Deluxe Prime spray ! 23% Savings


FAST REPAIR: A back bar treatment that delivers up to 60 applications to the salon. Moisturizes, replenishes lipids, maintains the color and controls frizz.

  • BIDIMENSIONAL SHAMPOO: The Bidimensional Shampoo contains natural Keratin and our exclusive Glow System. It provides a gentle moisturizing cleanse and is recommended for sensitive, damaged and dry hair. It helps to protect and maintain colored hair increasing the natural elasticity.
  • LIPIDIC: Followed by either Bidimensional or Clarifying shampoos, Lipidic is recommended for dry hair, with no shine or elasticity as it will replenish the lipids lost during chemical processes. It provides color protection and anti-aging action.
  • INTENSIVE NUTRITION: Intensive hydration mask. Color protection and Anti-aging Action. Seals the cuticles, restores elasticity, shine and reduces frizz.

Deluxe Prime Spray TRUSS’ top selling product is a versatile protein infused spray that restores devitalized, fragile, damaged and chemically treated hair. It detangles the hair leaving it soft and silky. Can be used as a treatment (after the shampoo and before the conditioner) as a leave-in or a pre-blowout lotion.