Truss Fall Deal 08 - Therapy Shampoo BIG BUNDLE!

Truss Fall Deal 08 - Therapy Shampoo BIG BUNDLE!

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This bundle includes:

2 units Therapy Shampoo Backbar, 2 units Lipidic, 2 units, Intensive Nutrition Backbar, 1 unit Scrub Therapy & 1 Unit Hair Protector.


2 units Therapy Shampoo, 2 units Scrub Therapy & 2 units Instant Repair.


 Therapy Shampoo

A shampoo designed to clean and treat all scalp disorders, including dandruff, allergies and psoriasis. Its pleasant cooling feeling, also helps to promote the scalp blood circulation, preventing hair loss.


  • Scurf Control: antifungal agent that acts on the scalp, controlling dandruff.
  • Nano Repair: micro-particles that are deposited on hair with high amounts of Amino Acid charges (positive), creating a protective layer promoting frizz reduction, color protection, shine, soft touch and intense conditioning.
  • Cool Ice Menthol: essential Oil extracted from the mint, provides a refreshing sensation.


Followed by either Bidimensional or Clarifying shampoos, Lipidic is recommended for dry hair, with no shine or elasticity as it will replenish the lipids lost during chemical processes. It provides color protection and anti-aging action.


Intensive Nutrition

Intensive hydration mask. Color protection and Anti-aging Action. Seals the cuticles, restores elasticity, shine and reduces frizz.


 Scrub Therapy

Prevents fungal growth and dandruff. Refreshing and relaxing agents. Anti-Aging treatment. Removes accumulated residue, oiliness and provides refreshing sensation.


  • Prebiotics
  • Multifunctional Actives: antioxidant against free radicals (anti-aging). Its reduced size allows deep penetration into the cortex, repairing hair damage due to chemical and physical transformations, while smoothing the cuticle surface.
  • Apricot Microspheres
  • Cool Ice Menthol: essential Oil extracted from the mint, provides a refreshing sensation
  • Bio-Cysteine: micro amino acid that has bioaffinity with the hair. A powerful rebuilder, it increases the hair’s flexibility and resistance, mainly protecting hair that has been treated chemically.
  • Creatine: powerful Amino Acid derivative, micro particle that penetrates deep into the cortex due to its small size, restoring and increasing the strength of a hair compromised by chemical and physical aggressions. It protects, revitalizes and moisturizes at the same time. Helps to minimize the effects of aging.
  • Wheat Protein: contains Vegetable Peptides derived from wheat. Protects and assists in restoring hair’s natural flexibility.


Hair Protector

A light-weight gel/cream-based daily leave-in that restores hair's natural structure, detangles, and offers thermal protection from the blow dryer and flat iron. Promotes nutrition, hydration, restores the natural structure of the hair and protects the strands from external aggressions.

Instant Repair

Daily hair protector and humidity blocker leave-in. Protects, recovers and seals split ends. Shiny, silky and soft results.