Stellar XLED Diva Ring Light 18" + Linear Panel Kit

Stellar XLED Diva Ring Light 18" + Linear Panel Kit

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Linear Panel Kit

The latest addition to our family of lighting. Light your background or show your products in a perfect light from fabrics to table top. These new generation LED lights are perfect to light for a virtual meeting room, now all offices can be turned into a virtual meeting room with quality lighting that generate professional quality videos. Use them on a photographic stand, put the fixture on the wall, or take the bulb and use it as a replacement bulb for your old fluorescent fixtures (You must disconnect your ballasts for this application). Any room now can be modified to be a set with professional quality daylight. Used in conjunction with our Lotus or Diva lights this can complete your mini studio as the background light. 


  • 20 watts 2000 lumen output each
  • Included 2 self-ballasted LED Tubes
  • 90 CRI
  • Bult in Diffuser eliminated need for softboxes.
  • Replaces any 48 inch fluorescent T8 Tube.
  • 2 six foot AC cords
  • 2 lightstand adapters
  • 2 Stands Included
  • Plugs in on either side

The Original Diva CFL-R18C 18" LED Ring Light with Dimmer, Softener, and Stellar Stand by Stellar Lighting Systems.

The lightweight and portable Video and beauty light is ideal for rendering a soft, nearly shadowless light. This lighting unit offers State of the art LED technology (SMD LEDs). The diva  X-Led enables the artist to choose the color of the light emitted, the artist can choose from cool to warm tones and any color in between Accu-color Technologhy

  The new X-LED body allows for multiple device attachments like a small monitor and a microphone at the same time.

With this kit, you’ll receive:

  • Dimmable CFL-18C
  • Operates with two Sony F-Type Batteries ( not included )
  • AC power cord
  • Basic carrying case
  • Stellar modeling mirror
  • Photo Stand
  • Stellar metal stand
  • Smartphone Grip
  • Clip On white Softener