Oligo Quadraplex- Phase I, II, & III

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Quadraplex is the most complete system of its category. It was created to offer the following 4 essential benefits to your hair: it strengthens, protects, detoxifies and repairs. Quadraplex should now be an integral part of your colour and lightening services and can also be used as a standalone treatment for long lasting results.

Combined with a home care regimen, Quadraplex will not only prevent hair damage and breakage but also ensure healthier, stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair.

See our Quadraplex Manual below:

Oligo Quadraplex Manual 



Hair strengthener and protector

Add Phase I to any chemical service such as lighteners and hair colour to prevent irreversible damage. This phase strengthens and protects hair by infusing small molecules of protein, vitamins and amino acids.

Additionally it can be used as a standalone treatment.

Features and benefits:
– Strengthens and protects damaged hair
– Can be used as a standalone treatment for natural hair or extensions
– Prevents cuticle damage
– Can be used with any lightener or hair colour
– Sulfate and paraben free

FORMAT: 100 ml | 3.4 fl.oz.




Phase II is a detoxifier to be used after a chemical service in salon and once a week as part of the home care regimen.

It is critical to remove all chemical residues from hair after a treatment which is why Phase II was formulated with Oligo’s exclusive IDT (Impurity Detection Technology). Upon applying on damp hair the Detoxifier will create white lather. If chemical residues remain on the hair the lather will turn pink informing stylist to rinse hair thoroughly and detoxify hair again until lather remains white.

Phase II is formulated with moringa seed extract and cress sprout extract which are well known to extract harmful toxins from hair and protect it from environment pollutants.

Phase II is not a shampoo, it is a Detoxifier.  It was not formulated to be used on a daily basis but rather once a week as part of the Quadraplex home care routine.

Features and benefits:

– Gently detoxifies hair
– Formulated with Oligo’s exclusive IDT
– Smoothes cuticles
– Extracts harmful toxins produced by environmental pollutants
– Increases hair resistance against pollutants
– Can be used once a week to maintain hair quality
– Sulfate and paraben free

FORMAT:  250 ML / 8.5 FL. OZ. | 500 ML / 16.9 FL. OZ





Phase III was formulated to be used after a chemical service in salon and once a week as part of the home care regimen. This phase’s unique formula contains a blend
of proprietary synergistic molecules that target damaged areas on hair structure, naturally restoring the hair’s integrity. Its well-balanced composition of various vitamins and actives molecules provides the ideal biological activity to repair, protect and maintain healthy hair. Long lasting nourishment and protection is obtained by
maintaining a weekly routine.

Phase III is not a conditioner. It was not formulated to be used on a daily basis but rather once a week as part of the Quadraplex home care regimen.

– Repairs and protects damaged hair
– Can be used as a standalone treatment for extensions
– Prevents cuticle damage
– Replenishes missing ceramide sites
– Restores the hair’s natural lipids
– Sulfate and paraben free

FORMAT:  250 ML / 8.5 FL. OZ. | 500 ML / 16.9 FL. OZ