Oligo Calura Gloss Neutralizers & Intensifiers

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Keep all shades ready in your arsenal to stay prepared for any client! Neutralize unwanted hues or intensify existent warm hues. Can be intermixed up to 20% with existential shades. 

Our Gloss Mixers Series contains 3 Neutralizers and 4 Intensifiers.

For effective tonal control or to neutralize unwanted hues

  • 0-11/0AA   Blue
  • 0-13/0AG  Green
  • 0-16/0AV   Blue/Violet

For ultimate vibrancy and to intensify existent warm hues

  • 0-33/0GG  Yellow
  • 0-44/0KK   Orange
  • 0-55/0RR   Red
  • 0-66/0VV   Violet


  • Can be intermixed up to 25% with existent shades
  • Can be used on their own for creative options, but longevity will be minimal



  • 1x 0-11/0AA
  • 1x 0-13/0AG
  • 1x 0-16/0AV
  • 1x 0-33/0GG
  • 1x 0-44/0KK
  • 1x 0-55/0RR
  • 1x 0-66/0VV
  • 1x Shade Selector Sheet