Oligo Calura Gloss Intro Kit 2

Oligo Calura Gloss Intro Kit 2

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1. Brand New to Oligo 
2. Licensed Cosmetologist 
3. Located in California
    Calura Gloss 

    zero lift • shine • conditioning • alcohol and PPD free 


    Intro Kit 2 Includes:
    48 Calura Gloss shades 2 oz* of your choice! 

    Along with :

    • 2 x Developer 32 oz
    • 1 x Clear 32 oz
    • 1 x Technical apron
    • 3 x Mixing bowls
    • 3 x Colour brushes
    • 3 x Colour bottles
    • 1 x Shade selector
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      Product Information:

      Oligo's breakthrough demi-permanent liquid color is no exception! Calura Gloss offers the versatility of a liquid color in an alcohol-free water base environment! Calura Gloss delivers an unbelievably glossy finish without any lifting power.

       58 intermixable shades including 24 toners

       Level 10 toners for better control

       2 developers; gel or cream consistency for more service options


      A protein-based complex which improves hair elasticity, conditioning, strength and adds natural shine. This unique ingredient penetrates into the hair cortex, building strength from within and protecting hair sulfates. It also contains amino acids which replenish pre-lightened hair!


       Anti-aging super-fruit. Excellent source of antioxidants that maintains hair youthfulness and protection.


      Have you ever considered putting Alcohol on your hair? So why use a demi permanent color that contains alcohol! It causes dryness and frizz not to mention makes combing product through to ensure even color deposit very difficult. For that reason, we have completely eliminated it from our formulas offering a safer and healthier product.

       PPD FREE

       Strong allergen that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions.